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About Arti Shah OD, FAAO

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Elander Eye Care offers a comprehensive contact lens department run by Arti Shah OD, FAAO. These days contact lenses come in a variety of styles, materials, brands, and wearing regimens to meet the varied needs of today's patient.  We offer a comprehensive evaluation and fitting service to provide you with contacts which best meet your requirements.

Our goal is to deliver the clearest and safest vision possible.  Comprehensive care, service, experience, all delivered in a friendly and competent manner.

Contact Lens Options include soft disposable lenses, daily disposable lenses, astigmatic (or toric) and colored lenses, multifocal lenses, gas permeable/ scleral lenses and more complex specialty lenses for specific eye diseases.  Arti Shah OD, FAAO is well-trained for difficult fit situations such as high astigmatism, keratoconus, post-surgical corneas, post-trauma, dry eyes, and allergic eyes.  For those patients now experiencing reading difficulties, options include multi-focal lenses, monovision, and/or modified mono vision.  Some patients prefer the best distance vision possible and elect to wear reading glasses over their contacts.  We feel it is important to try out different options to determine which works best for you.