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Contact Lens Fitting:  A contact lens visit is a separate part of a comprehensive eye examination that requires additional testing for people who wish to wear contact lenses.  New contact lens patients will have an initial evaluation, fitting and training on the care and use of contact lenses.  Most patients will receive a trial pair on their first visit to take home.  If your prescription is more specialized, a diagnostic lens or two may be needed to find the best correction for you.  After your initial pair of lenses, Dr. Shah will have you return for a follow-up visit to ensure good eye health and that your lenses are performing optimally for daily use.

Please arrive to your follow-up visits wearing the contact lenses for a minimum of two hours.  You can order contact lenses after your follow-up visit has been completed.  Afterward, continue with your annual eye examination with a contact lens evaluation to keep your contact lens prescription current.

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