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Contact Lens Info Guide


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Q.  Are contact lens wearers required to have a complete eye exam once a year?
  Yes.  Many contact lens wearers think that contacts are “no big deal”, but it is important not to confuse uncomplicated with unimportant.  Contact lenses are medical devices that must be monitored carefully.  Improper care of lenses can lead to corneal ulcers and infections that could result in permanent vision loss.  A complete eye exam is required once a year for all contact lens patients.

Q.  Can I play sports with contact lenses on?
  Yes.  Contacts are stable and do not interfere with your game.  When swimming, wear goggles over your contacts or throw away your lenses after you swim.  Daily disposable lenses are a good option.

Q.  Are sunglasses recommended for contact lens wearers?
  Yes.  Although some contact lenses can provide some UV protection, it is often not adequate.  UV protection is important to help prevent the development of eye diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygia and benign or malignant skin cancers of the eye lids.  Contact lens patients are offered a 20% discount on non-prescription sunwear in the Elander Eye Boutique.

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