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     “I’ve been an avid martial artist, cyclist, sport bike rider, and runner for nearly 30 years and am no stranger to injuries, doctors, and surgeries.  I've got metal from various procedures scattered throughout my body.  Having said that, my experience with Dr. Troy, his staff, and his surgical center is unrivaled.
     Never before have the stakes been this high.  Sight is irreplaceable.  It’s something none of us take for granted, no matter what we've been through.  Our sight indeed defines each of us and what we do.  So, my pterygium excision could have been a nerve-racking experience.  It could have been terrifying. It could have been so very dangerous.  But it wasn’t. It was none of those things.
     Instead, my experience with Dr. Troy was nothing short of amazing.  Truly amazing. Dr. Troy and his staff quickly earned my trust and I felt no apprehension about my procedure.  Dr. Troy not only scheduled appointments with me the day before and after my surgery to answer questions and address concerns, both he and his anesthesiologist called me in the evening hours after my surgery to make sure I was comfortable.  I was.I’d experienced absolutely no pain during nor after the surgery.  Being a wide awake participant in the excision of my pterygium was phenomenal:  Pain, discomfort, and fear-free.
     Thank you all. You’re awesome!”
                         - Lou Voiler, Santa Monica

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