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Troy Elander MD has performed Cataract Surgery since 1987.  Cataract surgery is the removal of the cloudy lens of the eye and the placement of an intraocular lens.  Dr. Elander's technique is phacoemulsification surgery - a small incision approach usually not requiring stitches.  This is performed as outpatient surgery usually at the Surgery Center of the Pacific or St. John's Hospital.  The surgery is done under a local anesthetic.  Patients arrive in the morning and are home by early afternoon.  The selection of an implant varies according to each patient's needs.  Dr. Elander will carefully discuss the options available for each patient.

Symptoms of a cataract may include blurred or fuzzy vision, severely decreased vision when looking at bright backgrounds, scenes, glare or halos around lights at night.  It may seem like there is a film over the eye.  It is common for patients with cataracts to have frequent changes in their eyeglass prescriptions.  While having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that a cataract is present or operable, any patient complaining of any of these symptoms should consult their ophthalmologist.

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