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Troy Elander MD has performed lasik with Elander Eye Care for nearly 15 years. It is a remarkably stable procedure.  Recent advances in treatment include Intralase - a procedure where the flap is made with a laser.  In addition, Wavefront treatments are now available.  These treatments allow more customized correction - recognizing and treating more subtle variation among patients.

Lasik is a laser procedure which reshapes the cornea to improve one's vision.  Lasik is unique in that a corneal flap is made, which acts like a lid.  This flap is lifted, treatment is applied to the stromal surface below, and the flap is replaced.  With this procedure, we correct near -sightedness, astigmatism, and far-sightedness.  The treatment is quick and vision is remarkably improved by the next day.  There is very little discomfort.  Patients can expect some scratchiness and tearing for the first few hours after the procedure.  Most are able to return to work the following day.  Since the cornea is a living dynamic tissue, not every patient heals in the same manner.  Because of this, a touch-up or enhancement is occasionally required.  With Intralase and custom treatments, our incidence of enhancements is rare - now below 5%.  If required, the refraction must be stable at least three months after the original treatment.