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Cataract Surgery


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Corneal Surgery

Corneal Transplants are performed when the cornea becomes cloudy from scarring, infection, or disease.  Traditionally, the full-thickness of cornea is replaced.  Newer approaches remove only the affected portion of cornea-either the front part or back layer.  Donor corneal tissue is used for this sight-saving procedure. Visual recovery varies from one month to six months.

Lasik is also considered corneal surgery as this involves re-shaping of the cornea with laser to improve one's uncorrected visual acuity.  In this procedure, an initial laser creates a corneal flap which is then lifted so that a second laser can re-shape the central cornea.  This works for near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism.  Lasik has been performed for nearly twenty years now and has revolutionized vision correction. 

Cataract Surgery:  not considered a corneal surgery.       Click on:  Cataract Surgery

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