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Corneal Surgery

As a Corneal specialist, Dr. Elander performs all Corneal surgery himself.  He received specialized training in San Francisco at the prestigious Pacific Medical Center and has taught corneal procedures throughout the world.  He is a board certified corneal specialist.  Corneal surgery can range from corneal transplants and refractive lasik surgery to in-office procedures such as pterygium removal.  The cornea is the central clear part of the eye and is critical to vision as this is the window to the eye.

Pterygium is a growth which extends from the white part of the eye onto the cornea, the central clear part.  This growth comes from exposure to the elements - mostly the sun.  Because of a recurrence rate as high as 30%, its removal is done when vision is threatened or when irritating symptoms are not relieved with medication.  This surgery can be performed in the office or at the Surgical Center of the Pacific.

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